Scripting addition

chunkwm offer advanced functionality that is achieved by injecting code into the Dock process.
This gives us elevated privileges, which allow for more control of other application's windows.

Installing the scripting addition allows for the following functionality:

The scripting addition injects code into, which is a system application.
Because of this you need to disable SIP to install or uninstall this extension.
If you are running High Sierra or an earlier version, SIP can safely be reenabled after you have installed the scripting addition.

To change the status of SIP, you need to reboot into recovery mode. On newer MBPs this can be done by restarting your mac and hold down "cmd + r" during boot, until you see a white progress bar.

Once recovery mode has booted up, click the utilities menu in the menubar and open a Terminal.

                    # to disable SIP:
                    csrutil disable

                    # to enable SIP:
                    csrutil enable

After you have disabled SIP, you can use the following commands to install / uninstall the scripting addition.

                    # to install scripting-addition
                    sudo chunkwm --install-sa

                    # to remove scripting-addition
                    sudo chunkwm --uninstall-sa

When the scripting-addition has been installed, you can load it by running: chunkwm --load-sa
chunkwm will automatically load the scripting addition at startup, or when the Dock is (re)launched.

The scripting-addition is open source and can be found on my github: chunkwm-sa