Documentation for chunkwm v0.4.7

chunkwm-core Alpha 0.4.7 what's new
chunkwm-tiling Alpha 0.3.14 what's new
chunkwm-border Alpha 0.3.5 what's new
chunkwm-ffm Alpha 0.3.5 what's new

For users

User's Guide
Introduction and reference. Read this!

Scripting Addition
Unlock powerful features through code-injection

Tiling Reference
Available settings for the chunkwm-tiling plugin

Border Reference
Available settings for the chunkwm-border plugin

Ffm Reference
Available settings for the chunkwm-ffm plugin

For developers

Building chunkwm
Helps you build chunkwm and plugins from source

Plugin API
Explains you how to hook into system-events

User-contributed articles

Getting started
A simple user-friendly introduction to chunkwm and skhd by Shi Han

chunkwm and skhd explained
An in depth look at the interaction between chunkwm and skhd by Ralph Holz

Tips and workarounds
Typical customization tricks added by the community